Monday, February 21, 2011

6th Appt!

it's the 6th appt today! precious honey bunny is in his 23 weeks and is ard 556grams now! and my weight...61.7 kilograms!!! heabeeeee lehzzz!! -.-

dr loke is saying, he's moving ard so fast..LOL! this is good! everything is fine, his head is already downwards le... ♥ ♥ ♥

these are the vitamins im currently eating...!

Dr Loke: Do you need any vitamins for your baby's brain?
Me: YES! cuz me already sotong liao..i need more vitamins for my baby..if not he later become sotong like me...
Hubby: do you have vitamins for the mother too?
Me: *laughs!*

ProLacta with DHA is a new one which i gonna start eating them tml onwards, tats for baby's brain!! LOL!

Calcit Ultra is calcium pills which i need them more! like an old women, back bone breaking~ hahaha!!

Quantum Complete is a dietary supplement, i will need to eat them every alternate days~

next appt on 21 March 2011, 8pm~

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