Monday, June 27, 2011

Jayvier's Birth Story!

contractions starts frm 12+am till 6+am finally i bth the pain & cried! hubb went to inform his parents and we were all up frm bed. went to have my last bathed and had mummy's ba zhang and a cup of milo and off to KKH~

7+am, reach kkh delivery suite, and was sent to monitoring room to monitor my contractions and to see how much i dilated. waited for the doc to check and im already 3cm dilate! was pushed to delivery room 23 in a wheel chair, 1st time ever being pushed, feel so weird! =x hubb was waiting for me outside the monitoring room and acc me to the delivery room~

the pain is reali pain till i grab his hands so tightly! =x almost squashed his whole hand! LOL!! get changed and hubb went to do my admission...nurse asked if wan epidural, i said no in the beginning and told hubb not to let me have epi! but in the end, bth ah!! pain till i wan die i told nurse, me wan epi when the 5th time she asked me! hubb den look at me and said "tot u die die dun wan?" i look back, cried and told him "very pain" den he says "ok ok.." the look at his face is like so heart pain de look..super love! =x sign the paper to have epi, and i regretted having such a long signature! LOL! need to wait till contraction end le den can start signing...aft signing, contraction came again shortly...hahahaha...

soon the doc came in to check how much im dilated at 5-6cm dilate le...soon later the 麻醉师 came in w the epidural...hubb was chased out of the room as the 麻醉师 says he will distract im left w the trainee doc..she told me to jus treat her as my hubb, jus squeeze her hand onli..i dun wanna do so..but the pain...reali make me squeeze and shout!! 1st try of epi, fail! so took out and go for 2nd try! den very fast, the pain went off! epi is miracle!! LOL!

rested for a few hrs and i feel the contractions slightly came back at 12+pm? doc came in to check, im already 8cm dilated! awhile later, at 1+pm, im fully dilate le! is not down yet! so i still gonna wait..contractions is getting stronger again! midwife told me to inform them if i got the "gek sai" feel..but im already feeling numb down there...cldnt even feel if i wanna shit..

so end up 2pm like tat, doc and midwife all prepare hao le...asking me to push...pushed for the 4th time, i heard jayvier's cries! and one more slight push, jayvier is out! the moment he's out, i almost burst into tears!! hubb's look is oso precious when he saw the arrival of baby javier...tat's the most precious moment of my life ever at 14.30hrs~

din manage to take any pic other den baby jayvier..cuz i looking damn ugly la! messy hair! LOL!

in the ward~ 1st family photo!! ♥♥♥

my lil precious~
mommy precious lil boy!!

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