Friday, September 23, 2011

Orchard shopping day

Baby is still wide awake playing w his tutu& here I am blogging!

Woke up "early" to meet yue&wendy in town.blame the stupid rain making me overslpt&the rain din stop!but I still went out bringing an umbrella.

Reached orchard,went paragon for our lunch!DinTaiFeng~ next was to change baby's diapers&feed him.went to buy a book tat hubb wan.den yue went off to pick her bf frm me and Wendy cont' our window shopping journey.

Paragon have lotsa babies/kids stores.seriously if I have enough money,I'm gonna buy smth there for sure!saw this Clinical Ear & Forehead Thermometer cost $96.will get it next month!hehehe...

Den we went fareast!when was the last time I went there?got yrs lo!zzzz...went there see see look look walk walk..

till 8+pm went Tangs basement to get drinks.bought bubbletea! pudding milk tea!made me think of the bbt I had during sec sch days!simply love!!next was Wendy ate OldChangKee&we shared a bowl of nonya laksa.yumilicious!!!

Den off we went to take train&back home! (:

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Shall blog a lil b4 heading out.cuz is raining super heavily now!!

Ytd got the news of my accts leaving.cuz of some personal reason.her last day 14 oct.I so wish she can stay.someone to talk to in office!sian half!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I've jus download this Blogger app in app store! Hope I will be able to blog frequently here! ((:

Monday, September 05, 2011

im back again! gotta start blogging daily le...getting more lazy to come in to blog~ =x

today my precious babyboi have turned 3 months! my lover boi! loves him lots lots!!! *muacks!* hes getting more and more cute each day! hahahaha...actions more and more...getting talkative too! starts eating his drumstick hands everyday without fail! imagine he can jus spit out his tutu and jus eat his hand! cute max! hehehehe...

ok...this week schedule is busy! tml finally im going to collect baby's passport! hehe! den wed going down chinese garden with the mommies! den thurs going rws as cass got a hotel stay there...gonna bring the babies to swim! fri-sun will be going to genting! loves loves!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

ytd was the last day of 农历七月...all the 好兄弟 went back le~ today is 农历八月,初一, so later gonna go li peh hse pray..hubb is coming along too..cuz he wanna eat his duck noodle at 419...hahaha...

another 11 days, we will be going to genting! this time my small lil family is going plus mummy♥ and pil! SIAN! why pil wan go leh? -.- anyway...did bbJ passport last monday, 22 Aug 2011. hope to collect his passport soon! his passport photo is damn cute! ♥♥

another 14 days will be 八月十五, 中秋节, mid autumn festival~ buying mooncakes? nah...dun think lui buay!

28 days later, will be the day i end my ML and return back to work..kan sian! gonna face tat idiotic boss again! dunno wat he gonna do this time round..sure start finding fault at i heard he's gonna sack me soon...have already been looking for ppl le..fucken boss!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

shall come here do some posting~ currently my lil boi is 2 months reaching 3 months. sooner less den 1 month im going back to work! im so afraid of leaving babyboi at home with mil. seriously i wish i can jus stay home and not go to work. she cant burp properly! always saying chun lun (stretch) = burp. tell her so many times le she jus dunno how to listen. always have her own methods! now is 2011, not 1911!! now she dun even change his diapers or bathe him. once when bb poo-ed, and she jus had her bathe, she says "叫妈咪帮你换pampers阿妈刚冲好凉" den throw him back to me. seriously lor..aft bathe cannot change meh? not tat i wanna say her or like u see wat she's doing la! carry J den keep hold him so tied telling him to sit properly cannot move abt. den aft tat tell me he cannot sit for too man? 讲一套,做一套! she do can i do cannot la? and everytime like to carry him away frm me. carry him into her room..when baby J slping shiokly on his rocker chair, she jus carry him into her room den say 阿公讲睡床比较舒服. everything oso 阿公讲! 阿公讲! ehh...hello he's my son leh! pls leh....! auto abit can not!

by the time im going to work, J will be turning 4 mths. he can start eating semi solid food...tats the worst time i gonna have. cuz i dunno how im going to make food for him to eat while im working. and i jus so scared she's going to anyhow feed how how?!?! wat can i do? i wanna fully take care of him like a SAHM! but...i needa work for income too! why my hubb dun earn much more? haix ): why i dun have savings at all?! why why why?!?!?! *cries!*

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

brought J out ytd to find mummy♥ at tamp inter.serene aunty came came too~ she reached earlier den mummy♥ lo..she went to the wrong mac to wait! told her inter mac, she went to the big mac..dots! so end up we walked over to find her...

1st shopping place was to kiddy palace to buy Liquid Cleanser cuz the one at balam rd finished~ supposed to be buying pigeon brand de..end up saw pureen one cheaper so bought 3 btls~ 2 orange flavour and 1 mint flavour...

den to guardian to buy ridwind drop as the one tat wendy gave me was broken by bil!! argh!!! angry max!!

aft guardian, we went isetan to walk walk as mummy♥ wanna show me the flipflop slippers tat she's talking abt...end up she bought 1 pair for less den 100bucks, cuz its on hope aft she wear it, her health will be better~

next, me went to buy KOI and mummy♥&serene aunty walked back home 1st..aft collection of my KOI, walked back home in full speed as J is getting cracky due to his the end, the 2 aunties reached downstairs the same time as me -.-

fed J and eddy uncle went downstairs for my super late brunch at 4+pm!! went back home..put J on mummy♥ bed, he fell i fell aslp too due to the stupid flu im the time i woke up, already 6.45pm le!

faster take my dinner and mummy♥ was washing J and changing to his pyjamas...finish my dinner, 8pm, went to take a cab home~ reached home 8+pm, faster pump milk and went to toh awhile..damn drowsy~

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

aft pumping milk ima go bed toh! the flu, or so called sighness im having is killing me! now a bad sore throat!

tml gonna bring baby to see a doc as he's having watery stool for the pass 2 days and now he's not pooing! -.- needa get him well! and ima going to get the pigeon cleanser as the one here is running out! hubb went to add in tap water to dilute it. so now im like using "tap water" to clean the bottles!! so unhyginic! -.- gtg! tata~

Thursday, July 21, 2011

How Ms Wang met Mr Chua!

suddenly feel like writing down how i met hubb..LOL!

it's all happened in year 2009, the year where glenna and kenken got married~ tat year was a fun year for me! as i get to help glenna in planning her wedding. and they got me to join them tgt for their honeymoon! i noe ppl sure ask why i kpo wan go join them..LOL! but the more the merrier is our thoughts~ hehehe...

so we booked tix frm one of her five stars fren at NATAS travel fair...made our payment at tamp brunch, and was disturbing the staffs there by asking who is the tour leader bringing us there. is he handsome not? blah blah blah...den the staffs all were laughing...

next was to five stars hq at people's park complex for a short brief on the tour...onli me and lin went down and we were late...the staff did call us (if not wrong is my hubb)
and we find excuses saying, OT at work, so we were late for the brief...LOL!

reached the office, another guy brief us...and he was telling us "tat guy there is your tour leader" we turn and looked at him "cmi ar!" we said to one another! hahaha!!

17 oct 2009, saturday, glenna's and kenken's wedding day! was mad sick tat nite...end the whole thing, went back to rest immediately...packed my luggage and depart of on 19 oct 2009, monday nite~

before we depart off, went for a smoke break...we were already late le...but still went for a break b4 take off..and hubb was looking for us..tat make us a special grp! LOL!

Korea was the place~

pictures shall do the talking~

the 1st hotel we checked in~
we got so gam on the very first day! cuz we are the onli grp of youngsters...LOL!

even gather at one room to watch teebee and smoke...hahaha...

we play a stupid thing! cuz tour guide was telling us tat, at midnite, the temperature will go down till zero degree!! she even told us to try putting a cup of water at the balcony, next day might turn ice! so we waited till 12 midnite, went out the balcony bare footed, and smoke! hahahaha!! we were all jumping up and down..cuz the floor was damn damn cold!!

next, i forgot wat's the name of this place...but we did funny stunts here! LOL!

see how skinny and light my hubb? LOL!

next was to this palace...forgot the name too! =x

spiderman pose!! LOL!

at this hill, forgot the name!! wahahahaha...hubb became a 菜花大盗!!

cuz the autumn leafs were so nice!!

shopping time!!

our very first pic tgt! ♥♥

flying back to singapore~

think he's the onli tour leader that sit wif us...the rest of the tour leads all sit at the first roll..LOL!

after we are back frm the trip, we did meet up for mj sessions~ slowly slowly exchange thru ooVoo...met up for mac bfast..brought me for interviews...hehehe!! and we got tgt on 17 nov 2009 at a chalet tat we opended!!

hubb says we shall go korea again!! the place where we know one another! love korea! the foods and the weather!! ♥♥

thats all folks~

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Baby's First Swim!!

went NEX on monday, 18 Jul w hubb & met wendy, eden & rachel's baby's first time swimming!! ♥♥

photos will do the talking..

more pics and videos at jayvier's facebook! Jayvier's First Swim! - Photos
simply love my cute lil boy!! hugs~

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

time to do some updates! bbjayvier is turning full month soon! we will have an early celebration of his 满月 on coming saturday, 2 July 2011, at hubb hse and sunday, 3 July 2011, at my hse...

jus ordered Sweetest Moments pkg and cup cakes for sunday and more cup cakes to deliver to hubb's co on 6 July 2011, Wednesday.

wun be having any big party as we were all being sucked dry by someone...HAIZ! jus disappointing...

so stay tune for updates on actual day!! ((:

Monday, June 27, 2011

Jayvier's Birth Story!

contractions starts frm 12+am till 6+am finally i bth the pain & cried! hubb went to inform his parents and we were all up frm bed. went to have my last bathed and had mummy's ba zhang and a cup of milo and off to KKH~

7+am, reach kkh delivery suite, and was sent to monitoring room to monitor my contractions and to see how much i dilated. waited for the doc to check and im already 3cm dilate! was pushed to delivery room 23 in a wheel chair, 1st time ever being pushed, feel so weird! =x hubb was waiting for me outside the monitoring room and acc me to the delivery room~

the pain is reali pain till i grab his hands so tightly! =x almost squashed his whole hand! LOL!! get changed and hubb went to do my admission...nurse asked if wan epidural, i said no in the beginning and told hubb not to let me have epi! but in the end, bth ah!! pain till i wan die i told nurse, me wan epi when the 5th time she asked me! hubb den look at me and said "tot u die die dun wan?" i look back, cried and told him "very pain" den he says "ok ok.." the look at his face is like so heart pain de look..super love! =x sign the paper to have epi, and i regretted having such a long signature! LOL! need to wait till contraction end le den can start signing...aft signing, contraction came again shortly...hahahaha...

soon the doc came in to check how much im dilated at 5-6cm dilate le...soon later the 麻醉师 came in w the epidural...hubb was chased out of the room as the 麻醉师 says he will distract im left w the trainee doc..she told me to jus treat her as my hubb, jus squeeze her hand onli..i dun wanna do so..but the pain...reali make me squeeze and shout!! 1st try of epi, fail! so took out and go for 2nd try! den very fast, the pain went off! epi is miracle!! LOL!

rested for a few hrs and i feel the contractions slightly came back at 12+pm? doc came in to check, im already 8cm dilated! awhile later, at 1+pm, im fully dilate le! is not down yet! so i still gonna wait..contractions is getting stronger again! midwife told me to inform them if i got the "gek sai" feel..but im already feeling numb down there...cldnt even feel if i wanna shit..

so end up 2pm like tat, doc and midwife all prepare hao le...asking me to push...pushed for the 4th time, i heard jayvier's cries! and one more slight push, jayvier is out! the moment he's out, i almost burst into tears!! hubb's look is oso precious when he saw the arrival of baby javier...tat's the most precious moment of my life ever at 14.30hrs~

din manage to take any pic other den baby jayvier..cuz i looking damn ugly la! messy hair! LOL!

in the ward~ 1st family photo!! ♥♥♥

my lil precious~
mommy precious lil boy!!

Thursday, June 02, 2011

4th kkh appt!

today the appt was set at 10.30am for at AMC for AFI and clinic C to see doc at 11.15am. we were supposed to wake up at 8am,end up we woke up at 8.45am! wahahaha...2 lazy pigs slping =x so ended up we took a cab over to kkh...1st time taking cab there...abit kuku when reach the taxi stand area...

went to queue for AFI scan at AMC at ard 10am. got ard 10+ ppl queuing in front of us went to take CTG 1st. took urine test, BP and height & weight. the nurses so scared we will test and go off like tat...keep making a big fuss on me not taking a queue no. for seeing the doc -.- anyway...urine test and BP normal....weight, i decrease by 1kg again...back to 66.5kgs! till now i din manage to get the weight of bb -.- dunno why they nv measure his weight de..dots!

CTG for 30mins and i have 5 counts of contractions! which is average of 1 contraction per 6mins! more regular den last week...but not much pain still...even if wif the pain, it's still went out to register and take queue no. to see the doc and went out to take AFI scan to see my amniotic fluid lvl...glad to hear, it's back to normal le...measuring at 8.1cm today! but to me like so weird de? the the pass week, i haven been drinking so much water as i was drinking in office and im making trips to toilet more den im working...why my AFI is normal? while when im working, the AFI is low? dots de! dunno they got any how measure not? hahaha...anyway...back to normal jiu hao! ((:

went back to clinic C to wait for my turn to see doc...and my name is nv being called! end up dunno why they skip my turn aft i waited for like 1.5hrs? and hubb keep nagging beside me to ask the nurse when is our turn..cuz we were both very hungry!! end up den i notice i have to pass the results of the CTG & AFI scan to the nurse den my number will be called...stupid lor!! last week oso nv like tat de...dots!!!

anyway...when it's my turn, doc onli says contractions regular, cervix not open wait for next appt or when contractions is not bearable or bleeding or water bag break, den go labor babyjayvier is not ready to come out yet! zzz....

aft making the next appt, which will be on 9june2011, 12.15pm, went to have mac for our lunch to collect the cup! hehehe...

next was to sims ave posb bank to help fil make a new atm card, as his kanna eaten by the machine -.- den we took bus 80 to shell petrol station to buy petrol to refill hubb's he finally planned to ride back his bike...he needa install a new IU...walked all the way back and was sweating like hell...poured the petrol in, start his bike, everything ok...wanted to wash his bike, end up his right side karta lost!!! -.- so end up, he cant go do his bike...needa wait till tml go buy a new karta den go install the IU...zzz...

went back home, watched tv awhile and he went to have a nap till over to mummy hse and 8+pm had dinner and to li peh hse...prayed and mama says bbjayvier is small size...and will be out soon! but i dunno how soon he will be out? LOL! aft tat we took bus to inter and mama took bus back home...went to pay bills and took bus back home...

homesweethome now! tml gonna acc hubb go buy his karta and den to mummy hse bao ba zhang! gonna enjoy her ba zhang b4 i go into my confinement! yummilicious!! i still love mummy bao de ba zhang! simply loves!! ♥♥

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