Thursday, July 21, 2011

How Ms Wang met Mr Chua!

suddenly feel like writing down how i met hubb..LOL!

it's all happened in year 2009, the year where glenna and kenken got married~ tat year was a fun year for me! as i get to help glenna in planning her wedding. and they got me to join them tgt for their honeymoon! i noe ppl sure ask why i kpo wan go join them..LOL! but the more the merrier is our thoughts~ hehehe...

so we booked tix frm one of her five stars fren at NATAS travel fair...made our payment at tamp brunch, and was disturbing the staffs there by asking who is the tour leader bringing us there. is he handsome not? blah blah blah...den the staffs all were laughing...

next was to five stars hq at people's park complex for a short brief on the tour...onli me and lin went down and we were late...the staff did call us (if not wrong is my hubb)
and we find excuses saying, OT at work, so we were late for the brief...LOL!

reached the office, another guy brief us...and he was telling us "tat guy there is your tour leader" we turn and looked at him "cmi ar!" we said to one another! hahaha!!

17 oct 2009, saturday, glenna's and kenken's wedding day! was mad sick tat nite...end the whole thing, went back to rest immediately...packed my luggage and depart of on 19 oct 2009, monday nite~

before we depart off, went for a smoke break...we were already late le...but still went for a break b4 take off..and hubb was looking for us..tat make us a special grp! LOL!

Korea was the place~

pictures shall do the talking~

the 1st hotel we checked in~
we got so gam on the very first day! cuz we are the onli grp of youngsters...LOL!

even gather at one room to watch teebee and smoke...hahaha...

we play a stupid thing! cuz tour guide was telling us tat, at midnite, the temperature will go down till zero degree!! she even told us to try putting a cup of water at the balcony, next day might turn ice! so we waited till 12 midnite, went out the balcony bare footed, and smoke! hahahaha!! we were all jumping up and down..cuz the floor was damn damn cold!!

next, i forgot wat's the name of this place...but we did funny stunts here! LOL!

see how skinny and light my hubb? LOL!

next was to this palace...forgot the name too! =x

spiderman pose!! LOL!

at this hill, forgot the name!! wahahahaha...hubb became a 菜花大盗!!

cuz the autumn leafs were so nice!!

shopping time!!

our very first pic tgt! ♥♥

flying back to singapore~

think he's the onli tour leader that sit wif us...the rest of the tour leads all sit at the first roll..LOL!

after we are back frm the trip, we did meet up for mj sessions~ slowly slowly exchange thru ooVoo...met up for mac bfast..brought me for interviews...hehehe!! and we got tgt on 17 nov 2009 at a chalet tat we opended!!

hubb says we shall go korea again!! the place where we know one another! love korea! the foods and the weather!! ♥♥

thats all folks~

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