Saturday, May 10, 2008

aft work ytd went home, bath and had my dinner and soon im out of my house le =x ken and yalin came to picked me up and headed to yishun for them to put theirs stuffs and had a stop: marina south...there's no one there at all...deserted de zzzz...den we headed to lao pat sat for their dinner and den to labrador park (: went there to relax and feel the breeze xD nice nice...and we headed to zouk...but half way there ivy called say they cant find the way and we meet them at MS there and the bikers headed to zouk 1st...end up we keep going round and round cannot find zouk =x cuz none of us noe where tat place is xD i went there once and tat was like last oct?! wahahahaha...and ivy went once too and it was ages ago she said =x LOLx!! end up we stopped at a shell station and asked yalin de bro, yi yang to come look for us :D we are a batch of mi lu bing ^^v aft met up we headed down to lavender zhu cha tang...ken drove vios there and yi yang drove sunny (: reached there we decide where's our next destination and we headed for petrol 1st...and end up the bikers went to pick 2 gurls up and the cars went to kranji de mi gong... and i slpt thru the journey (: reached the destination, the drivers were testing out each others' cars and yi yang drove his vios to do *drift* bringing the guys in the 1st ride and the gurls the 2nd ride :D fun!! hehehe...and the lightning were striking, so we called the bikers asking where they were and asked for the next destination...and we headed off to serangoon HQ~ soon the rain came pouring down and me, yalin and yi yang were saying the rain look so fake...hahaha look like filming movie de! b4 we headed to serangoon we went yishun to drop patrick and headed to meet the rest...reached serangoon everyone were complaining hungry so we headed to punggol nasi lemak for their morning breakfast as the time was already 5am le i think =x hahaha...aft food we all went home :D and yi yang drove me and wy back home...thanks alot le ^^v hehehe...

reached home 6am le if im not wrong x= wash up and off to my parents bed xD slp till juz now 7.15pm wake up =| wahahahahaha...still waiting for the rest see where they wanna go and meet wat time ^^ im bored now at home zzzzz... IT'S SATURDAY!!

tml is mother's day le!! and is oso my mama bday!! hehehe....dunno how shall we celebrate?? mayb a simple dinner wif no present =x hehehe...will make it up for her the next time (:



Love you!!
MUACK~ ^^v

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