Monday, May 26, 2008

Friday morning, went to slp at 4+am. was watching a movie (: touching i can say...slpt till 3pm (didnt go work) woke up and online and watching 微笑Pasta till 1.30am went out wif ivy, cong and 2 of cong's frens and met yalin, ken, kerlyn, ron, angel and terry at He Ji Bao..aft food sent kerlyn home and we went to changi beach slack awhile...reached there already reaching 2.30am le so soon jiefu, terry, angel, ken and lin went off le cuz next day got work...den left me, ivy, cong and 2 of his frens there usual we gurls were sitting in the car talking our topics and ard 3am ba we went to changi v for nasi lemak..onli 1 person eating though...aft food we headed home (: reach home at ard 6am...

Saturday woke up at 6pm xD den ate my dinner and watched
微笑Pasta till 2.30am den headed out..met ivy, cong, bing and wy den 1st stop - Loyang Dua Peh Gong...we were the 1st to reach followed by yalin, ken, sam, xiaomei, fansu, gab and so on...den terry reached the last and was telling us tat wj went to chase the WRX alone so all the bikes went to follow -.- so me and yalin were there to wait for them come back lo...den soon they came back and i saw a familiar face tat gab pillion...was quite surprise to see her there (: destination - changi village for a drink den off we went to dam...on the way at the express way saw a bike accident and everybody were so stunt...all were talking abt the accident cuz the bike was super damaged..i didnt reali saw the bike cuz was concentrating talking to lin on phone...but the way they describe i can say the accident was reali a fatal dam slack till ard 5.30am den we headed back to tamp...went for our early breakfast and the rain came pouring down...reached home at 7am finish my remaining part of the disc and went to bed at 8am..

Sunday evening woke up at 7pm den stayed in my bedroom watched
微笑Pasta and even ate my dinner in the room =x den 10.30pm like tat changed out of my pajamas and headed to 445 for slacking session wif ivy, cong and gene...11.30pm like tat cong and ivy went off to changi v and back at ard 12.45am...continued our slacking till 1.30am and cong fetched us home (: came online awhile and off to bed at 2+am ^^v

he's like a dead dog xD
wondering he wanna slp or juz to look at me =x
(im lying on the bed watching
微笑Pasta ^^v )

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