Wednesday, June 25, 2008

finish part of my job liao...updates updates~ got the sentosa pix frm burbur le..hehehehe...gonna upload! ^^

ytd went yishun to meet client wif chloe..leg hurt somemore so walk like bai kar la =x reached office 5+pm...finish my report and went home at 7pm...was on the way home half way and was raining quite heavy la...abit sian~ reach tamp inter gotta take bus home juz for tat stop -.- to prevent getting drenched...zzzz....and i happily waiting for bus 291 which was going to 800+ instead of going 400+ queue for so long liao den i notice, and faster get out of queue...finally home at 8+pm...went to bed toh~ woke up by jie call =x lol...she was at amk waiting for pei her chat till 10pm like tat go bath and they say wanna go ECP HKC so get dressed and jiefu came wif 2 bodyguards =x lol...reached ECP they went to diao bearbear..1 try and gab got his doremon...jie tried 8times i think xD give up and headed hkc...last order time liao zzzzz den headed mac for the slacking session lo..bought laptop out so was there actuali to do report de...end up down there talking lo...ate my meal finally =x fillet-o-fish meal (: hehehehe...waited for mr ben to come and start talking lo...till 1am i think and jiefu sent me home ^^ hehehehe...K.Oed at 2.40am zzzzzz...

21st June 2008 Sentosa trip~

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