Friday, June 20, 2008

wed aft work played audi till 7+pm and head back tamp and off to li peh house...拜拜 and get 弗 to lo...helped lin and ken take 1 too...aft tat was suppose to meet 445 de...but the rest were at somewhere else so went back home for my late dinner...edited my blog and went to bed at 1am...

thurs, stayed in office for audi wif lin till 8pm -.- 7+pm the 2 came back and find out mistakes and gotta stay to do till 8pm lo...went home had dinner den off to 445 to meet the gang...slacked there till 12am and headed home...bathed and slpt at 12+am (:
glenna emo~

random ^^v

MacDonald Happy Meal~

Kungfu PANDA!!

today was alil late for doing my work lo...abit slack though~ lin calling cust den i update data list....tat 2 not ard again...aft work time for some audi ^^ den nite time go Teh Tarik house for slacking session den wan go home slp early liao...tml morning going sentosa wif the gurls...7.30am meet leh!! *faint* so early...den got a long day tml la...nite time bday celebration?? we shall see...

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