Saturday, June 28, 2008

ytd was damn bad at office...conflicts conflicts and more conflicts...but we did talk it partly we did sound out everything instead of keeping it to ourselves...and yalin gotta sent the cards to sun plaza at the veri last min...and end up we were all at home last nite...slpt at 12.30am aft a few rounds of audi~

today Audition event @ suntec...woke up 8.30am rush faster prepare for work lo...reach there no time for breakfast went to start work and had half packet of fried rice den start selling PPC liao...took a few presents home ^^ hehehhee...den finish work, tally the PPC den we went to put airbrush tattoo =x den headed to @Club den went back down to event site to take the goodies bags a stupid lo! carrying so mani zzzzz...HEAVY SIA!! -.- den waited for jie finish work...charmaine and ling hui came to look for us at @Club den back to their shop...joyce walked over to look for me too xD den pei her smoke le den she headed back to convention hall...played audition at @Club while waiting...soon ron, gab, wj, sam, fansu and gf came..den jie off work le and headed KFC for dinner wif xiao bought dinner for mr *stubborn* chris =x and off to look for them at smoking area...

next stop: pasir ris park...follow gina's cab to pasir ris as she can claim and i cant zzzz...reached there change location agan...haiz so jiefu pillion me out den i took cab home le lo...homesweethome~ gonna rest liao...tml got another day! MapleStory 3rd Birthday Bash~

Pix of the day~

my *ang gong* xD

me and lin~

me!! TIRED~

i worked seven days this week!! + coming mon and tue~ worked 9days straight!! *faint*

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