Wednesday, July 23, 2008

homesweethome~ juz got back frm ken's house...went over to their house wif eugene last nite catching the last bus there...waited for the couple at Northpoint Mac...they came over frm miaomiao house at tpy aft their mahjong session...met up and we bought mac over for *supper*...played blackjack and i learnt how to play daidee xD hahaha...den drank Vodka Mango miz wif 100plus -.- the taste sucks lo...zzzz...drank half the cup onli my stomach is burning liao...diao diao...den watched 还珠格格 till 6.30am den off to bed...cant reali slp la..their phones have been ringing lo zzz...den yalin received a call frm ahjie...yet another death of a poor 19yr old gurl ytd...not a close fren of their's but had seen her 2-3 times..but i didn't know her...onli saw her friendster today when lin was broswing thru...abit sad to hear tat as she's onli 19 and she's pretty (: life is juz tat short? haiz~

woke everybody in the room and ken and eugene went down to petrol station to buy spag for our done by lin and me (: made a bad chose for cooking black damn f**king spicy lo!! -.- didn't eat them all...scared i burn my gastric =x hahahaha...continued our 还珠格格 and 3 recuitment agencies called...Kelly Services, Recuit Express and dunno wat solution =x hahaha..tml actuali got a meet up wif recuit express ppl...but not gonna go cuz of stories told by my fren =x hehehe...hope Kelly Services and the dunno wat solution will call me for news ba...hehehe...

ken's dad went to buy mahjong set and table cuz we got craving for mahjong! SHIRLEY IS PLAYING MAHJONG IN REAL LIFE FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME!! hahahahaha...paid sch fees of $5 for total xD wif uncle guiding me frm behind...hehehehe...hope im learning fast :D 1st time play mahjong leh!! addictive =x LOL!! soon cong and ivy came and they all get changed and we ate our dinner MacDonald!! den cong drove me and eugene out to take bus and they headed to songka...

oh ya! tml min is flying back to Perth...and im not sure when she will return back...not sure if i can make it tml to send her tml got cherly's bday celebration...i shall plan my nite tml (: will slp early for tml? im not sure...ARGH!!

thought of u make me angry and sad!!
why is this so?
tell me!tell me!!

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