Saturday, July 12, 2008

juz got back frm grandma bday celebration...dinner at bedok kopitiam..had damn lotsa dishes on the six dishes? tats alot -.- and i finish my rice (gave daddy half of it b4 i start) there came a stove =O got 鱼头steamboat zzzzz...damn bloody full la =x so i onli ate the vege and drank soup onli...hehehe...den was talking to cousin abt W910i can throw away hahahaha...damn funni la..den 三叔 cut the cake and distribute out and we went back home le...

now waiting for lin and gang to be out of m'sia as they jam till juz got pass the custom onli...she smsed me saying the guys were pushing their bikes as it's too hot...and now pass custom liao and ken bike cant start =x dunno now how...gotta wait for their news le ba..waiting waiting waiting...

im damn tired these days..dunno why ): seems like cannot have enough slp no matter how much i slp...roar~

will you be back to my side?
i really miss you so much!!
i wanna hug u and cry~

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