Friday, July 11, 2008

time to head home soon ^^ today both bitch and bastard were not in the office...their office line mobile were oso not on...took the effort to sms them to inform them tat i will be taking morning half day off and none reply...nvm! called them wanting to ask them abt work stuff...BOTH PHONES NOT ON!! irresponsible bunch of idiots~ on leave no say...go out and coming back wat time all this no if we can read their mind? IDIOTS!! argh~

tonite will be meeting gina and her *son ^^ will be meeting at pasir ris dunno wat time...wait for ahjie finish work den cfm ba (:

last nite outing was boring i can idiot la =x cuz im too tired to talk or even do anything else...hahahaha...reached home at 3am so didnt wake up for work this morning xD

tml meeting joyce go shopping...the rest going m'sia? nth cfm...anyway IT'S WEEKEND!!

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