Wednesday, August 13, 2008

i got back home early morning at say 10am? =x step out of house for work at 9.25am, slowly walk and make my way to habour front...reached and was still early to catch the bus, so i went vivo breaktalk to buy a bread :D and NutriTea Barley xD sat at interchange to wait for the shutter bus...start work at 11am till 6.30pm went for break and i had a bath and headed my journey back home ^^

had dinner and changed and headed to lin's house! (: played our leisure mahjong!! was damn bad la! cuz 我一角输三脚!! *faint* lost $30 over lo -.- each of them 赢五台 and there goes my money *sobsob!* lin's bro was down of luck in the beginning and aft a toilet break he won 十三幺!! diao de tiles were oso good okie! i got alot games 半色 or 一色 but 没胡~!! zzzzzz....saddest~

万字一色!! (waiting for 六万 but 没胡!!!)

lin's bro 十三幺~

aft the game already 4+am liao...came online check friendster, see blog but didn't update blog..hahahha...cannot slp ar!! lol~ den 6.40am like tat eugene went home...8+am acc lin, lin's bro, lil xiong and lin's mama to market for breakfast (: went home at 9.30am and i took a cab home and slp till 7.30pm den woke up xD

tml working at 7am-3pm~ abit sian la...thinking gonna start work at 7am zzzzzzz....but i finish work at 3pm wor! lol!! gonna slp early tonite liao...waking up at 4.30am to get ready for work (:

updates of pics~
candy (bday gurl) & me!!
(i know is abit weird wearing jacket when there's a bbq session there...but im juz cold la! hahaha)

the gurls!!
(cynnthia, gina, candy, cheryl, angela, glenna, shirley)

snap shot!

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