Wednesday, September 17, 2008

mon, went to NCR early in the morning at 9am to report...end up kanna dua -.- cuz we were told to leave as we nv sign contract and we wanna start work..LOL! so we went TB to look for ken to have lunch at YaKun and went walking ard TB Plaza...bought damn lotsa vcd la =x

i bought 剪刀石头布 and


i noe all old show...but juz wanna watch la xD in bought 雪天使, 一工深的眼泪, 花样男子 Hana Yori Dango (Part 1) and 命中注定我爱你 Part 4 ...damn alot la =x hahahaha...met eugene and we went mac to slack till eugene went work and ken finish work le...headed suntec Jolly Care to look for new specs xD

nice? =x

hehehe...cuz a bomb still considering (: aft tat went Cotton On to see see, look look and head CSC to look for the gurls...went smoke break and waited for Gina and we went Carrefour to walk walk...head back CSC and off we head homesweethome...was damn tired la...but i still went downloading applications for my phone =x and K.Oed at 1.30am...

woke up at 8am by mama, was asked to reach work place at 10am -.- but i was still late in the end...was damn relax at work today but, too slpy la =x hahaha...aft work, went JE to meet lin, her bro and ken...went toh guan to change their car reams and yishun to take things and lastly amk to pass things...

went jie house to pick her up and we went A2 for some food...jiefu came to join us and we saw his new paint nice la (: hahaha...and was thinking of going to wash car and bike...end up all too tired le plus late liao so i was sent home and back for updating my blog ^^

tml im going to sentosa!! at sentosa, no work oso at sentosa! lol...wif jie, jiefu, lin and her bro...time to get tan!! xD hehehe...AUDI TIME!~

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