Thursday, September 18, 2008

Palawan Beach!!

went palawan beach wif lin, her bro, jie and jiefu ^^ met at harbour front...and due to mis-communication, we met up at the wrong place and took the express train in to sentosa xD was there busy tanning and playing in the sea (: enjoyable cuz of the nice sunny weather out there! hehehehe...everytime i went sentosa for tanning, the weather is always not rite...this time round is a fine day! hahahahaha...sun-tanning oil was there for us and we played awhile of freesbie* (did i spell correctly?), due to the super hot weather which made the sand so damn hot, we stop playing aft a few throws..."deepavali coming, start training now!" LOLx!! went into the sea to throw the volley ball ^^ we went for shower at 3pm i think...aft bath, took the toot-toot train back to beach station and off we head out of sentosa and towards TB to meet ken...

me, me, and still me (:
other pics will upload when i get them ^^

sakae sushi! hehehe...ate sushi and our chawanmushi :D bill time! and i left my iPhone at the table without even realising it lo -.- lucky the waiter pass back if not shirley will sure to cry like hell =x hehehehehehe....ken finish work and we all head back to bedok. jie and jiefu head back to their home for sulmi curry! xD

reached lin's home all damn shag liao la...all toh le...and i was lying on the sofa and fell aslp =x and bike washing time at 7pm i guess (:

help ken to wash his RVF and Verna....jiefu drove his baby CBR wif his new paint work over for me to wash too =x free labour washing bikes ar xD hehehe...aft all the washing already 10pm le? and we headed tamp de mr teh tarik for fooood~ (simply forgotten papa got cook at home =x)

ken's rvf

Verna and it's new reams

Jiefu's cbr wif new paint work (:

aft food, decided to have a mahjong session at lin's house as my bro wanna play...end up, both me and ahdi lost -.- gave him money to take cab home and i'm staying at lin's house again...cuz i cannot go home ): sobsob =x hahahaha...damn pain lo my whole till dunno like wat =x cant reali slp at all zzzzz....

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