Thursday, October 09, 2008

im at work zzzz...damn bored la -.- having my dinner break now eating papaya ^^v

ytd work....taking care of the southern zone together wif lin and back home at 9.30pm...homed: 10.40pm. bathed, dinner-ed and audi! slp at 2am *yawnz!

tue work up at 11.30am...mummy brought me to somewhere at thomson to tui my back...been suffering them for yrs -.- starting i tot was reali those normal de..end up i saw shifu bring out to (dunno wat's tat thing call) for gua sha *faint! hahaha...damn pain k! 1st time ever in my 20yrs life i did this...shifu told me i got a small dislocate bone at right wrist -.- and he make it back! shout is of no cure lo! but i nv shout la =x lol will be so damn ps xD hahahaha...aft my turn is mama turn...she put the ball ball (dunno wat's tat called) on her back and her legs too...look damn pain la =x end everything 3+pm...acc mama back tamp and i took mrt to bugis simlim sq to look for jie, lin, gina, phillips and gladys...acc them walk awhile and went smoke break le...

waited for ken to come and we went buger king for a short rest...their legs were all tired...hehehe ahjie was not in good mood tat day ): too tired...but when gina request to go to a korean supermarket near there, we were so happy! :p hahaha...wanna buy so mani things but end up nth i can buy cuz i got no money! zzzzzzz....end up in onli bought a packet of instant porridge at $2 (: satisfied ^^ walk over to ken's car and we head cityhall to drop jie and gina off...went suntec aft tat to take lin's new gucci damn nice la (: hehe...den went marina sq walk walk as she wan some shopping on clothes for work...dinner at food court~ and homesweethome (:

mon oso another working day for me alone ): lin didnt go work as she was having a bad was there working and i saw someone -.- dun wanna talk abt it...jus do my work whole day and met jie, lin, ken and eugene at mr teh tarik and we slack and talk till 4get wat time and we all went home...bathed and K.Oed~

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