Thursday, October 02, 2008

yalin 22nd Bday Celebration Pix~

26 September 2008 @ 天天火锅

jie and me

EX-AS staff~
shirley, glenna, gina, cynnthia, candy, cheryl

all AS staffs~
cheryl, shirley, glenna, songxin, gina, cynnthia, candy...

the extinct family gurls~
dinosaur, kingkong, godzilla, mammoth...

attendance for the nite!
guys: mr chong, songxin, zhenrong, kenken, tommy
gurls: cynnthia, shirley, glenna, candy, gina, kerlynn, cheryl

27 September 2008, Kulai Trip...

my 2 aiai~

me putting on make-up~

the 2 drivers of the nite~
roy and ken!

the clear road in msia...

we stop at the expressway for photo taking and to see car race (but we see no cars...hehehe...) (:

me and jie...

the gurls of the nite~
me, lin, jie, hanni

the guys....looking our for cars~

gossiping kanna snap by ahjie..
opps =x

1st couple of the nite~
roy and hanni...

we reached our dinner place~

while waiting for the food~

foooooooooood~ cost us onli RM170!!

lets tuck in~!!

the cake which travelled frm sg to msia!

bday gurl!

2nd couple of the nite!
glenna and kenken...

3rd couple of the nite...
ronald and cynnthia...

gene kor and yalin...

me and yalin..

ahjie and yalin...

jiefu and yalin...

gurls wif the bday gurl...

cake cutting time~

one more snap!

attandance for the nite~
back row: jiefu, kor, ken, roy
front row: jie, me, lin, hanni

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