Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My looonnng weekend~

Sunday, acc lin to attend her fren's ROM at Aranda...this was the 1st time i witness the whole process frm pledging of the love, to signing of cert...so sweet~ when can i have my turn? hahaha...

was talking cork wif her sec sch frens and ken came to fetch us and we went A2 for dinner...lil jeanjean was there too...but she ignore me again )): so sad! sobsob~ aft tat, all went home...

ytd, went far east wif the gurls....attendance: me, lin, janet, kerlynn, jarren, charmaine, guo hao and lastly ahjie (she gonna make her lil princess slp 1st) all went to test out our sister dresses and charmaine was the last to get it done...gotta alter all, so need sometime again, to see the final piece (: aft everything was done, was already 8-9pm? went DFS for a walk (1st time i've been in there..was a lil mountain tortise) and jarren fetched all of us to bugis for steamboat~

ate damn alot la! hahaha...mayb tat's the reason for my tummy ache T.T end all the planning of wedding for lin and ken's big day and we head home...sending all of them home and i came online to digest my food and k.o-ed at 2.30am? (:

back to work today~ damn boring ar! early morning bro booked in to his new camp for a 7weeks course at CCK for signal...i heard lotsa my frens where there too if im not wrong? anyway, is damn far la! but he still took a cab there this morning wif all his barang barang...

woke up at 8am, and was at toilet damn long x.x cuz tummy ache ar! so was late so i cab-ed to work =x hehehehe....

aft work, walked to take bus 60 and went lin's hse...web-cammed wif ahjie and jeanjean, but my mic was having prob -.- acc lin for doc and bought mac and horfun xD my tummy was empty and im hungry!! and now, my tummy hurts again )):

ken and lin jus sent me home....and ima slp soon, cuz tml gonna wake up early to see kawen off...another fren of ours going to further her study...im happy for her!

pls take good care of urself.
rmb to take care of all ur belongings.
rmb to bring urself back 3yrs later.
pls save urself frm all kinda blue-black on ur body =x
and lastly, we all miss u!!

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