Monday, September 28, 2009

Princess Glenna's Birthday Celebration!!!

im back frm the *dunno-how-many-days* chalet...LOL!

so lets start on sat~ went to slp at 1+pm and lin went out wif pat to take her wedding cakes for frens and relatives and were back home at 5+pm? me was still slping la =x cuz im too tired! ): den woke up, went to bath and we head out for dinner! our very first meal-of-the-day...went AMK Hub for New York...was a disappointing meal to us~ 1st came the mini cheeze fondue (where the cheeze is not even melted de lor!! and the food to go wif the cheeze were sweet potato, brinjer *dunno how to spell*, shitake, cucumber...i think it will go well wif jus normal chilli sauce lor!! ) den came lin's fish n chips got small fly (end up we din complain as lin dun wanna change a new plate, and the fish SUCKS!!!!!), and my linguine Alfredo had this black lil metal thingy? (spoil my appetite) so we din reali finish the food, billed and left...

charmaine came over to look for us 1st and we head out for smoke break and lin wanted to buy light sticks for the we went ard amk neighborhood to find, and one nice sales gurl in one shop told us NTUC me and lin made our way there, while pat and maine went back to car to wait for us...

at NTUC, saw wat we wanted, took, paid and we walked over to carpark...head of to telok blangah to look for ken, kor and his gf at the Esso petrol station...went to pick up Lim Su Su (Candy) and 大老公, 小老公 den to the taxi stand at StJames for Janet...and in to SENTOSA~

parked our cars and went to Cafe Del Mar!!~ played wif the light sticks and went to change...gab, wj, sam and kitty came...shortly later kerlynn and jarren reached...den was ahjie and jiefu and last but not least, ivy and cong...attendance for the day was FULL! xD hehehehe...

and the fun started wif the help of Ken~ splashing of water the gurls were holding on to electronic devices (phones & camera) so din start que to go in water...but jiefu was the 1st to volunteer go in the pool 1st...den was kerlynn, being thrown in by jarren and jie being pushed by ken and lastly me oso being pushed in -.- at 1st i dun even noe who was the one who pushed me de lor! heng i din cut myself like the previous time...and i found out the culprit was LIM SU SU!! argh~

den was cake cutting session, photo taking, till reaching 2am, lin volunteered to go down water by hereself as she wasnt feeling tat well tat nite (due to not enough slp) den candy came down too...and darling was telling us say she will jus sit at the poolside...and tat means her shorts will be might as well get the whole body wet rite?!?! LOL! so she came down in the end...hehehehe...and ahkor came down wif his shirt and long jeans! he damn steady sia!! hahaha...and one by one we remove our tees and took some pics and were being chased by the workers, so we gotta go change and leave...time: 2+am

the rest left 1st as they were tired, and me, lin, ken, candy, kerlynn and jarren left reaching 3am aft smoke breaks...dropped candy home and went back yishun to slp!

may u and ken have a blissful life thru the years!
stay happy always! xD

morning yalin have to 过大礼 so woke up at reaching 10am? and jiefu came to help to bedok lin's hse and we went for our meal, and head back yishun, ken's hse and off to 送贴...visited the north and the west part and finding roads is damn hard de lor!! zzzz....

back bedok at 7+pm, packed bags and went down bugis to buy the Hello Kitty balloon she wanted (sorry i dun have the money to buy anything now ):) and met jie and family there...we drove pass ECP to go for Laksa Steamboat and we heard the noise the F1 produced...DAMN LOUD LOR!! hahahaha....but din got the change to reali see the F1 one the track, as it's all sealed zzzz....

we reached, parked our cars and head for foooood! LAKSA!! hehehehe....was delicious! mayb all of us were too hungry~ LOL! ivy and cong came to join us awhile and kerlynn came too ((:

aft the delicious meal, time to head lil jean needa slp~ hehehehe...she's jus so CUTE!! xD so me, lynn, lin, and ken got no place go...planned to go cine for movie, no show -.- so we head s'goon to suppose to drop a wedding invitation card, end up the letter box was locked sent lynn home and were slacking at her hse downstairs and planned for the schedule this week~

mon, going to make hair early morning and i 4got wat places anymore =x hahahaha....
tue, gonna go gym~ but! i need visit grandma hse for dinner hehehehe...i 4gotten =x
wed, msia to help lin choose her wedding gowns and others???
thurs, to town shopping...(not for me for sure~ cuz i got no money to shop...sobsob!!)
fri, -no plans at the moment-
sat, becca's 21st bday celebration
sun, - no plans at the moment-

quite packed hor? LOL! anyway...gonna go slp soon, im typing too long =x pardon me for the lengthy post xD hehehhehe...NITEX!

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