Friday, October 16, 2009

i've not gone to bed!! jus so-called re-do the video clip, waiting for more pics~ think i gonna ko out today!

ytd was out to msia as jie doing padi, ken coloring his hair, lin going to wash hair and ken's dad going to buy blazer for his son's big day~ me and lin went for a relaxing aromatherapy too ((:

back to sg at reaching 9pm...rush our way back yishun to help out in cleaning the room and me, vanessa and jiefu fetch us to central to buy hair color for van...bought some food back too ((:

and off to bedok, and the bitch din ans our call! keep calling whole nite and the bloody phone was not on at all!! so now left my sister dress is wif her...hope later we are able to find her!!

back to tamp for some food and homesweethome! but i was slping till now zzzzz....

the day b4 was Bachelorette Nite (Hen Nite)!!! photos will do the talking when i got them and upload up ^^v STAY TUNE!!

later gonna be a busy day ar!!!!

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