Tuesday, October 27, 2009

went working ytd at sentosa golf club~ damn sian la! but still gotta work for the money...finish work was rushing like a mad gurl due to the late release frm the stupid manager...argh! end up still miss my bus! tmd! took yellow line to change train out of sentosa, met mama at control station and went back home tgt..

wash up and head bugis to meet jie, lin and ken for steamboat...had drinks onli as not reali hungry...aft tat nice mr raymond came to pick us up and head lin's hse for mj session! mr spidy joined us too~

went cheers jiejie hse b4 mj starts, slack for quite some time there and back to lin's hse~ and the table already started wif jiefu already reached...went up to qi hse to take the wii control and game and start playing wif wii 1st~ till 北风 den i sit down to play!

tml gonna go work already! 7am start work~ yawns!! =o
overall the game i lost $20 -.- damn sian la! and took cab back home~ farming till i fell aslp! hahahaha...and woke up today at 5.30pm =x opps! hahahahaha....

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