Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Long Long Post~

been so long since i blog (: time to do some posting~

a 3days 2nite chalet frm 16nov-18nov at pasir ris costa sands~ 1st nite having a steamboat session! noon time went lin's hse to get some things and cab down to costa sands to meet jie and lin and we checked in to the chalet, drop our stuff, mr spidy came, and we head loyang point for food~bought quite alot of stuffs and was already evening time!

back to chalet to prepare the food and wait for the guests to come...went back home to get some bowls and cutlery and start our steamboat shortly once we were back...

mj session starts late at nite and early morning den we went for bed (:

second day was bbq session~ morning jiefu sent ken to work, and drop kor and kaixin out for cab and we were all slping till 2+pm 3pm?? 4gotten the and me went downstairs to wake 3 of them up and we head out to buy some food for bbq~ back to chalet and were suppose to go for a swim and end up was raining heavily -.-

jiefu went to pick pearlyn up and lin and jie prepare for food, while i went for a bath....went up for a rest wif bf and pamela and her baby son came~ he's so cute!!! started fire at 9+pm? and head Rush blasting his music, i knew darling and bf were here (: and slowly the others came~ took quite a few pics and i can say is obsense de lo + ugly! i noe the good of them taking the pic, but angle not rite la =x hehehehehe!!!

jie wif cute baby~

cars and their drivers!!

here comes the pic of us~

another mj session tat nite, but i din play~ mou-qin ar!! =x heheheh...watched tv awhile and took over ken to play while he went to fetch jie and jiefu frm serangoon~ bf went to slp quite early as he's working 6am the next day....finished game, talk cork awhile and went up to wake bf up for work....he lai chuang and slowly all went to bed....lin couldn't slp due to the itchyness of her legs, she packed some stuffs to ken's car and slpt in the prepared for work, a stick of ciggy and went off for work....

weijie turning emo~

went to bed at 6am and woke up at 8+am...checked out at ard 10am and head home for maggie mee and sweet deams~ hehehehe....

at nite went over to tamp mall to meet yalin, ken, jie and jiefu and we head off back to pasir ris for another chalet~ but it's aranda this time and is Candy & tian peng's ROM...stayed awhile and we head off..cuz everyone were tired...waited for bf to come and they all went off and we 2 went pasir ris park - Summer Breeze for dinner and slack~ and home sweet home aft tat (:

just started work on 19Nov @ ESS Freight Services, in cargo agent complex...till now quite okie~ onli tat it's acct so im abit slow in the numbers...the colleagues there are all sweet and friendly...hope i can stay for long (: dun wan let ppl say i job hopper again T.T

next was a meet up wif huifen, yeeling, alex, zhenrong and bf~ dinner at aljisen! xD quite some time since i met them up ya? dun say abt zr le...more long -.- 1st time met up wif alex too~ have so much fun playing wif them!

this fellow jus wanna act cute -.-

attendance of the nite~


mashimaro and maria~

us with the babies posters~

xueling, yeeling, huifen~

the end~ gonna go slp for now! meeting bf later aft his work! xD ja-ne~ ^^v

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