Monday, November 09, 2009

Long weekend!! xD

Friday, finish work, rest at home for awhile till 11+pm mr spidy came to pick me up and we went yishun for mj session wif yalin and ken...

finish the game, went mac bfast wif spidy and back home (:

sat slp till 5+pm and jump out of bed! cuz late for meeting up wif becca! =x hehehehe...sry sry xD den took 969 to yishun to met dydy and we cab over to daryl hse for his 21st bday celebration...

took quite a few pics there and we head powerhse at 1+am....reached there was damn packed! full hse, din get the chance to go i head deska rd to meet yalin, ken and spidy for some dim sum and homesweethome (:

them with the spiderman pose -.-

our old sch pose!! xD

mr micky trying to be artistic LOL!

with noelle and micky

four of us~

with the bday boi~

outside powerhse with another bday boi~ gong gong!!

with my gurls~

jus now woke up at 6.45pm? hehehe...bathed and went dinner wif family to celebrate daddy's bday at swensens...and back home to wait for plans...

end up darling and worm came to pick me up and we went ice3 to meet the jie, jiefu, lin, ken, xstar and xcloud ((: had ice peach tea and im home ((:

tml gonna go for an interview at bugis for a job...hope i can pass ba ((:


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