Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Missy Wendy 21st Bday Celebration~

back frm 2nd round of celebration of our missy wendy 21st bday!! hehehehe....went over quite late just now...say 8+pm? yongsien and qiren came to fetch me and xingyue and off we head to aloha~

had my 1st meal there wif all the bbq food =x LOL! din eat alot but very fast full liao....hahahaha....den start wif the cake cutting at 12+ abit and the rest played mj and we start the ball rolling!!

poured 21cups of neat martel for the bday gurl and helped her wif some la...cuz her gastric oso not good...and one cup made my whole face red -.- argh!

we went out suppose to have some fresh air, end up there's no wind at all!! -.- damn hot sia! aft a stick, back to chalet and homesweethome~ thanks for the ride home guys (:

2nd nite cake~ nice!! xD

21 cups of martel neat!!!

wif the courtesy of her bf for putting ice in every cup =x


the previous day celebration was wif her family members and some closer frenz....i noe im late! but sry ): abit lazy to go out of hse la =x heehheheehehe....took a cab over and some of them where already there...

cake was out quite early? as her sis went ice3 to buy one back....and drinking of beers and playing some games, and played mj till 5+am and i went home =x cuz staying wif the couple in a chalet is weird! and i will be slping alone in a "bunk" wif 2 dbl decker beds!! scary u noe! hehehehe....ken & yalin sent me and anqi home~ thanks alot!! xD

her cake for the 1st nite~
frm ice3...

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