Thursday, December 03, 2009

2 days MC~

mon met up wif orange, alex, tiff and her bro~ she's complaining my blog too wordy! but still im still posting wif words!! cuz i got no pics~ hahahaha....

aft dinner at Sun With Moon at Clarke Quay wif them, 10+pm we head went over to find bf at his work place and we went home~

ytd, bf fetched me to work and 5.30pm off work, he came to pick me up and we head over to his fren's chalet...they were all so crapy sia~ LOL! 11pm we went off...

back home, bf pass me smth which i have been asking him ever since he picked me up frm work place...smth in his bag which i feel it while he was riding! hahahaha..

it's STITCH GLOVES!!! frm hongkong disneyland~
LOVES!! ♥♥

this the cushion i bought for him...
frm MoreThanWords~ ♥♥

this morning woke up reaching 10am =x papa mama no work~ bathed and prepared myself to poly clinic and i've got a 2 days MC! xD LOL~ got myself all drowsy med and antibiotics...

gotta put on tat stupid mask~

aft seeing the doc, we went bfast at 406 kopitiam~ Wanton mee for bfast and was raining damn bian lo, took a cab over to the changi airport police station to make my pass and cabbed back home to pick up bf's bike and head off over to his place....

slpt till 6+pm, bf went work and i got back home~ back home bathed and head bedok for dinner wif paternal side, till 11+pm got back home...jus took my med and im feeling abit slpy now...gonna go slp soon~ sweet dreams all~ nite nite!!

one last thing!!!

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