Saturday, August 07, 2010

Wendy Hens' Nite @ Mono!

it's her hens' nite! we all did enjoyed much..did drink abit too fast tat nite...and was getting high quite fast~ hehehe....

sang songs, took pics & kept drinking...!!

aft the bottle finished, we all went ph for the 2nd round~ can see tat mummyyang is not enjoying much, as she din drink a sip at all, onli plain water...we were all enjoying, while she's sitting on the chair moving on wif the rhythm...her mini-me mus be enjoying wif all his god-mama-s in her tummy...hehehehe...!!

3.45am, lights on, we went to collect our bags and out to the taxi stand for cab to send mummyyang home...and suddenly, frm far, i saw a lady pulling her luggage walking towards us! ZHE MIN IS BACK!! i reali cried when hugging touched tat she's back to attend the wedding wif us...the sisters finally unites for tat special day! a grp pics and faster send mummyyang home, as she's tired and i think mini-me is tired too~

p.s: pics will upload when the net is faster~
preview frm fb 1st ba!

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