Monday, November 01, 2010

First Appointment to Gynae~

made an appointment with Singapore Women's Clinic to see Dr Loke after work at 7.30pm! had read reviews on him on forums, he seems not bad~

met hubby at tamp to visit the doc tgt..he's so excited can! keep wanting to see lil precious...heeez!

our very first ultra-scan!
lil precious is in his 7th weeks!! ♥♥

2nd appt, 15 nov 2010, 8pm!

aft appt, went back my home to break the news to mummy and daddy! din get any scolding, instead, i saw smile on mummy face! hehehe...mummy was talking to bf tat she's jus afraid tat he cannot tahan me...LOL! like wth? i got so jialat meh? hehehe...overall, everything is going smoothly...gonna start prepare for our wedding!! (:

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