Sunday, January 30, 2011

2 Reunions today~

we are still waiting for his sis and bro family to reach~ steamboat is on the table calling!! zzzzz...

later 3.30pm got appt to cut to reach there in time? ): it's supposed to be lunch!!

nite time gonna have dinner wif my family~ gonna eat zhi char at hse downstairs! but b4 tat, i need get my hair fixed! and some shopping to do!!

today is bb eden's full month celebration...sorry eden & mummy yang! i am unable to attend! will meet u guys up soon ya?! enjoy the day!

it's oso eugene bro bday today...enjoy ur genting trip! and be happy everyday! Happy Birthday Bro!!

ytd was mum orange bday! and i was ban frm attending her chalet...thanks for the ti-liang-ness! we shall meet up soon ok?! i wan a good laugh when meeting u gurls (as always have been)...Happy Belated Bday orange!! ((:

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