Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day out with the gurls and lil eden~

was on mc ytd~ met up wif xingyue, wendy, yongsien, rebecca & alex @ bugis~

was at J.CO waiting for our dear becca frm 5+pm till 7.30pm...damn long! LOL! so dinner, we have it at pastamania~ yummers! creamy chicken, i ate them all up! b4 preag, i will always cannot finish my creamy, i finish them all up!! shld i be happy or wat? -.-

aft dinner, we went to the nursing room to change lil eden's diapers~ clean him up and we went for the baby fair @ BHG~ saw this pigeon silent breast pump which im going to go get them later w mummy~ hehehehe!!

we found the bigger nursing room in BHG for parents and so mummy yang went to bf him...but soon, it's closing time, so the security came to chase us ended up, we went intercontinental hotel toilet to let wendy continue latching...

next was to dessert time!! had our yummilious dessert and was homesweethome time~ reached home at 12+am? and hubby is already aslp le~

a few pics of lil eden~
our cute lil god son~ ((:

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