Tuesday, March 29, 2011

7th Month into Pregnancy Period

today is 7th month and 1 day aka 28weeks and 1 day...!! baby hav been kicking everyday when im working..during slping time, he oso been moving ard my tummy...smtimes i wish, he remain in there 4ever..but...i still wan him come out, play wif me...hehehehe

now, my stretch marks are reali conquering my tummy and hips! not to say my thighs...mummy's ginvera olive oil is of no use de!! jus started using Palmer Cocoa Butter..hope this till help ba..but the feeling is sticky de! i dun like...but still...for my tummy sake...i needa stop the stretch marks frm appearing too much!!!

today, i received the belly band i bought frm babyonline! feel so comforable wearing it..mayb i shld wear tat everyday? hehehe...

Baby, u gonna be mummy's & daddy's healthy & guai guai baby boy ok? we loves you so much! dun let us wait too long..must faster come out let us hug hug u! and many korkor and jiejie and yiyi and jiujiu waiting for u! hehehe...MUACKS!!

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