Friday, March 18, 2011

HuaZhuRestaurant & TheTeaParty

Finally i got the pics (all kapo frm tiff!) LOL~

finally we have met up (last meet up was durnig my wedding, imagine!!!)~ met up wif fen in train and we drop off at buona vista and looking for a cab to 花竹饭店 @ Blk 4 Queen’s Road Singapore 260004. though is abit of a ulu la..overall, the food is okay! (:

waited for our precious mum to off work and we head down to another ulu ulu place~ The Tea Party @ 805 Bukit Timah Road #01-07 Sixth Avenue Centre Singapore 279883.

photos will do the talking~

the other 3 got lost~ and she's on the phone wif them..
i took this lousy shoot =x LOL!

she's trying to take photo of my bump~

finally~ we are going in...

the menu~
been looking at it very long for jus a cup of drink to share wif hubby..
ended up, the drink sucks~ i dun like the taste! -.-

finger foooooood~

smell nice "mee-pok" dry w prawns! hahaha...

reviews says this "duck pizza" is nice~
taste weird, but the duck covered the tase of the whole pizza~

and we present, the gurls~

i always love going out w them~
cuz i get to roll on floor laughing everytime!
my very funny grp of gfs~
love them lotsa! ♥♥

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