Thursday, May 05, 2011

23rd Bday Celebration~

22April2011 - 1st early celebration by budd & ahgurl~ all 3 of us shared a cab & cabbed to novena for our dinner~ met hubb there too! the dinner was bad! felt so sry tat the treat was ex & the food sucks!!

but aft dinner, we went finding for Udders ice cream!! is like finally i tasted the mao-shan-wang durian ice cream & their awesomely chocolate!! stayed there till 11+pm, cabbed home w hubb. thanks budd & gurl for the dinner & dessert treat! ((:

3MAy2011 - celebration wif yue, elf, wendy, eden, becca & nana! met hubb @ gmc & head down to somerset to meet the rest..dinner @ a jap will do the talking~

lil eden is slping soundly when mummy yang met us....

den he starts his engine when our food came~

and mummy yang gonna carry him thruout the whole dinner...
look at the way he smile! damn cute can!!

our fooooooods!

all the 4 gurls, each ordered this set

me ordered curry kutsu rice set

and hubb ordered terriyaki beef set...

dinner end ard 10+pm? walked back to somerset mrt, fed baby eden and we took train home...

4May2011 - actual day celebration!! went gmc as usual to meet hubb...took my neo-print! promised by hubb tat we will do it every yr during my bday! ((:

head down to plaza sing to meet mum & alex for dinner @ cafe cartel & movie date "Ultimate Winner"! the show is seriously...lame! -.- anyway...end our nite at 11+pm? thanks mum & alex for the treat!! xD

this 23rd yr celebration, im happy! cuz i've babyjayvier in me, a lovely hubb who dote on me & a wonderful mummy who reali cares so much abt me. lastly, wonderful frens who celebrated my bday for me...wat else can i wish for? jus want my wonderful baby be born healthy & guai guai i'll be the happiest gurl on earth! xD

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