Thursday, May 26, 2011

3rd KKH appt~

snap a few pics of me & my bump while waiting for hubb to bath and b4 heading out for the appt~

reach kkh at ard 10am? went up 2nd lvl, ADC, waited for like 10mins, nurse called my name den we found out, we were waiting at the wrong place! so paiseh!! -.- so went downstairs AMC, queue no. was like 44 when they jus called no. 23...still got 20 more to my turn!!

end up, we went to take the CTG 1st instead. this time round din have the chance to take photo of the paper...but my contractions still the same, 4 times in 3omins...

aft i taking CTG, went to register to see doc...took my weight, BP and urine weight is increasing again le...67.5kg!! increased 1.5kg in a week!! LOL!

back to AMC to wait for the AFI test...very fast, our turn le...the same person took the scan for us..and i think she 4gotten us..LOL!

aft the test, i saw the result, AFI decreased another 0.1cm!! so sad to hear...went to clinic C to wait for my 13, the doc is like a loso ah ma! other room already seen like 2-3 patients le, she's still at the 1st one..end up nearing to their lunch time le, other rooms help to clear the i was waiting for my turn at room 11...

doc check if i have leaking, and if my cervix is open...the result, no for was telling me if i have bleeding, or pain contractions, or water bag burst, have to admit straight to delivery need queue for doc at clinic C...ok so off i go, outside waiting for my mc and pay at the cashier and schedule an appt on 2 june 2011, next thurs...this time round, paid onli 70+ for and hubb feels tat they like anyhow charge ppl de -.-

took shutter bus out to take bus 2 to aljunied for our lunch...and back home aft tat...gonna slp now and heading vivo for 5* family dinner later~

next appt 2 june 2011, thurs at 11.15am~
dunno when my babyboi wanna come out...
hmmmm...dun let mummy & daddy wait too long okie?
my bbjayvier ♥♥♥ ((:

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