Tuesday, May 24, 2011

An e-mail to Ministry of Manpower!

ytd, i wrote an e-mail to MOM asking abt the claim of MC for my appt frm KKH in morning at 10+am and i receive a reply at 6+pm in the evening...they are reali efficient! hahaha...

Message to MOM:

I'm currently in my 36 weeks pregnancy. For my early stage till when I was 31 weeks, my gynae appt was all at a private clinic and all appt was made evening time so that I do not need to take leaves during working hours to consult the gynae. Ever since 32 weeks, I changed my appt to KKH. First appt was on 28 April 2011, Thursday. I took a one day unpaid leave for the appt and was given a official MC for that day. For this MC, checked with my company, this cannot be claimed as my unpaid leave was already approved. So for my second appt, 18 May 2011, Wednesday, I did not take any leave, as I know MC will be given. But this time round, company do not allow me to claim this MC too. As my boss says it's a appt to see the gynae regards to my pregnancy, this MC can't be claim even though it's officially from a doctor from KKH and I have to use my annual leave instead. Therefore, I have wrote in to check if for this case, can my MC be claim?

MOM reply to me:

Dear Mrs Wang,

We refer to your email dated 23 May 11.

An employee covered by the Employment Act is entitled to paid sick leave and claim medical consultation fees, if he/she meets the following qualifying conditions :

(a) Has served the employer for at least 3 months; and
(b) Has informed or attempted to inform the employer of his/her absence within 48 hours
(c) The sick leave is certified by the company's doctor or by a government doctor (including doctors from approved public medical institutions) when company doctors are not readily available. If the company does not have appointed doctors, the sick leave must be certified by a government doctors (including doctors from approved public medical institutions).

We are of the view that as long as the employee satisfies the qualifying conditions, he/she would be entitled to paid sick leave/hospitalisation leave and claim medical consultation fees, provided he/she had not exceeded his/her sick leave entitlement.

If the pregnant employee meets all the qualifying conditions for sick leave and was granted a valid medical certificate by the doctor prior to her delivery, the company should recognise the sick leave.

Should you require more information on the statutory benefits provided for under the Employment Act, you could visit the Ministry of Manpower's web-site at
http://www.mom.gov.sg/employment-practices/employment-rights-conditions/employment-act/Pages/default.aspx or call 6 4385122. However, if you need to meet and consult with our officers in person, you may make an e-appointment using the following link: http://app2.etools.mom.gov.sg/eindex.aspx.

Yours sincerely,

Kee Teresa (Mrs)
Labour Relations and Workplaces Division . Ministry of Manpower . Fax (65) 65354811. http://www.mom.gov.sg/.

have fwd this mail to my manager...wait for her discussion w tat idiot boss den see how...he sure find ways to tekan me de lo...trust me!

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