Friday, September 23, 2011

Orchard shopping day

Baby is still wide awake playing w his tutu& here I am blogging!

Woke up "early" to meet yue&wendy in town.blame the stupid rain making me overslpt&the rain din stop!but I still went out bringing an umbrella.

Reached orchard,went paragon for our lunch!DinTaiFeng~ next was to change baby's diapers&feed him.went to buy a book tat hubb wan.den yue went off to pick her bf frm me and Wendy cont' our window shopping journey.

Paragon have lotsa babies/kids stores.seriously if I have enough money,I'm gonna buy smth there for sure!saw this Clinical Ear & Forehead Thermometer cost $96.will get it next month!hehehe...

Den we went fareast!when was the last time I went there?got yrs lo!zzzz...went there see see look look walk walk..

till 8+pm went Tangs basement to get drinks.bought bubbletea! pudding milk tea!made me think of the bbt I had during sec sch days!simply love!!next was Wendy ate OldChangKee&we shared a bowl of nonya laksa.yumilicious!!!

Den off we went to take train&back home! (:

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