Thursday, March 22, 2007

now im at dear house..again?? yes again..LOLx last sat 17 march me and dear went to catch a movie "300" its a 6.30pm show so we went reach GV at 6.20pm like tat to collect our our unexpectation dear book the show at the wrong cinema..he book it at marina square -.- so we gotta print out the tix at the AxN machine den bring to the counter and change..lucky it can be changed and we are seated at the 1st 6 rows at the corner..lucky thing is when we went in its almost 6.45pm and the show haven start so we didnt miss any part =D this is my 1st M18 show oh...hehehe..somemore is dear bring me go watch de...heehhehe..den the show is super long lo..sit till our butt is super cramp =x hahaha..den aft the show i went to 85 to look for the gurls and dear pei me wait for cab den he go home for his raid le..who's there? haha..they are danica, rebecca, wendy, zhemin, xingyue, xin ma and yongsien and me..haha as usual see yongsien there wun be peaceful..hes out to suan me like his normal self..this time poor apple oso included in it..poor apple..haha but it's fun wif him ard...but next time rali hope if got him = no me..LOL cuz my ears bth liaoz...hahahaha..den at 10+pm we took cab home le lo..1st sent wendy to singapore expo to meet her bf there den to dear house den min and becca went to watch movie wif wen and sien oso dunno wat show =x den reach dear house he super happi cuz he finally down the boss tat they cant down on fri nite..haha den at 11+pm he finish his game den we went supper at 700+ there..saw a super duper cute small lil puppy there..OMFG~!! he's so cute lo..he give me a "bleah" face...omg wif his tougue coming out a lil..super kawaii!! my eyes cant leave the dog..LOL finish supper go home le lo..

monday went for my retest for the stupid WIM...ARGH~!! paper was as early as 8.30am lo..zzz me, charmaine and orange share cab over to sch cuz couldn't get up the bus...and a stranger wanna share cab wif us too..reach exam hall i read the questions...oh my fucking god!! gots lotsa questions i dunno how to do lo -.- 9.30am go out of the room liaoz..was talking outside wif xiao mei and her crazy gang..den aft tat went to kfc to have some bite den went back home le lo..went home den birng apple down for a walk..haha brought him to play slide..i think he thinking im a super crazy zhu ren =x he so scared sia..but is indeed super cute..hahahaha..reach home den using computer surf net..den dear suddenly online at home..he was having car pract in the morning den was going to work but end up he's at home..haha..he said he tot he lost his phone..but the phone was at home he 4get to take -.- now is him being clumnsy..keke..den as usual i going to his house cuz i buying lunch for him..

tue went for an interview at cynn jie de hubby working tat stresing =x dunno can get in not..if can get in im happy..although is working at mostly weekends frm 11am-9pm..zzz but the pay was like $8/hr + incentives so i dun mind working =D den aft tat went to wendy house for eyebrow plucking session den at her house stay till 11pm den go home..haha reach home do some frech toast cuz mr clayton wanna eat oso..make hao le eat den go bath le lo..bath hao le den use comp den do my thing...till 6.30am den slp..wahahahahahha cuz i couldn't slp..den 6.30am go lie on bed straight slp le sia =x den 1 hr later wake dear up den go back slp till 1+am cuz dear msg me say my sch was on the newpaper for the leak of exam i wake up den bring apple down to walk walk den come back den go down again to buy lunch and the newpaper..shun bian oso buy ciggy for my stupid bro..den dinner time bought dinner to dear house to eat..super heavy rain lo ytd -.- den as usual dear eat finish le den play his game..ytd i help him cut his toe and finger him dig his dirty ear =x and help him vacum his floor..haha ultra good ba me =D like his maria =( den i continue watch tv as usual i fall aslp =x den almost 11pm dear came to slp le lo..qi ji so early he wanna slp liaoz..cuz he juz finish his instance early tats all -.- den he slp i couldn't slp le =x dunno why..toss and turn till i so 4get wat time den i go slp =x slp till 2.30pm which is today den wake up =x so hungry now =x gotta wait for dinner den eat...

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