Monday, April 02, 2007

30 march `07 fri noon time went out to town wif wen to return the stupid uniform den we went for lunch at cafe cartel =x den aft tat went walk walk at sport light den bought a cusion..den aft tat went back to TM to look for buddy..his dinner break was at 6pm so we went walk walk awhile den went to haagen-dazs bought ice-cream FOC =x den aft tat leg super suan den went home no wait for bud XD ps next time lo..hehe den aft tat went to dear house to stay over-night..

31 march `07 sat evening went to his younger bro de 21st bday celebration at his aunt condo at simei..den aft the celebration at the condo we were suppose to go dbl o to continue the drinking session but end up minium age is 21 yr old =( so we went to o bar..but there minimum oso need 20 -.- den end up we go pls the bouncer den we went in happily..1st me and caiyun ordered breezer den dear ordered beer..den towards the end dear seh liaoz he shout at me use violence on me =( sadsad make me cry...cuz he nv treat me like tat b4 ='( stupid pig!! den reach home still need to bath him make till my whole body clothes all wet him wear boxer his knee kick my face..wahwahwah...den bring him to room he remove his lens den bring him to taking care of big baby..somemore im not super mummi tat can carry him to my back hurts the next day =(

1 april `07 sun lunch time he woke up at 12+pm ba?? den his bro wake up den he ordered mac lunch den i ate a burger den go back to bed for tv shows..den evening time suppose to go dinner at CS de end up went to bedok for dinner..but not bad long time no go there eat liaoz..den ordered the worst wanton mee..taste like "zhu you zhar" yucks..den dear ordered "tun tang" not bad..den we ordered one more plate of "char kway tiao" haha..end up i ate all cuz im hungry? =x den aft tat took a bus back to his house le lo..den he play his raid i watch my tv "wo de zhuo yan jian dao guai" haha..super funni show..den aft tat he oso finish his game liaoz den aft tat he help me massage my back den i help him massage oso..den he go slp le den i play 2hrs till ard 1+am den i go watch tv till 3.15am like tat go slp le lo..till today noon time 2pm den wake up..den online at his com till 3pm den here im back home =D later got work at 6pm-10pm this week working 6days..mon-sat =( all 6pm-10pm...sianz 1st time im working in the sat nite =x

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