Wednesday, April 11, 2007

im getting bored of this i have been working even in weekend..even the day which i dun work which is on sat i have been super boring..all i can do during sat now is aft work mayb catch a movie den go back to his house and slp..and sun wake up have lunch go back slp..wake up have dinner watch tv..aft tat if i wanna play game i play if not i slp...i dun wanna spent my weekend juz like tat..wats weekend for? for time to enjoy to play and i noe to rest..but is so boring staying at home the whole day..others are out to have window slp eat watch tv aft tat slp again...weekdays i haven been meeting u cuz u have to work i have to work..and u gotta raid on thurs, fri and i stayed at home..and when it come to weekend..i hope i will enjoy spending the time wif u..not onli watching u wow-ing and to mayb go out to have some walk walk..why cannot? haiz..not tat i wanna fa pi qi on u or like u cant see if u have spent to much time on ur game? i noe at least i can see u im happi...but wats the point? see u play game..awhile come make me happy..den go back to ur game...when i fa pi qi u will do so too..and u juz go to slp juz like tat..can u juz hong hong me? i noe today u failed ur test i will ti liang u..but is like u fail le i can pei u..but u still prefer ur game to pei wats the point im there for? today is 11 april is already the 1st yr and 11th month tat we have been together..but all this while i still like the days when we 1st started together..meeting u when u finish boarding..and NO WOW-ING!!! noe u not long later aft we were came out..i noe u are a gamer..but sometimes i need time for us to spent together..i noe u dun like to go out..but for me izzit okie? will u do it juz for me??

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