Wednesday, May 23, 2007

BACK!! ytd nv go work cuz of the bad flu -.- was at home whole day watching youtube..den at nite watching tv..such a boring day at home ytd..was so angry wif him last nite..not bcuz he go play pool is bcuz when he noe he go play pool he no tell me and was drinking noeing tat tml he gotta work..and was reaching hom at 1.30am..and was suppose to wake him up for work and he suddenly msged me telling me at 5am tat dun wake him up..i more angry!! dunno wat he doing till so late at nite..or mayb he was juz too tired..jux dun wanna hear him telling me "played wow" the whole nite..i will burst!! i hate him playing game thruout the nite!! argh!! moodless...dun wanna feel angry anymore le..jux 4get everything tat is bad and remember wat is good is enough..if not i will get depression at work got nth to do again le ppl is in the office..apilia's sup was away for biz trip..and xuan 'my sup' was not in the office oso..sianz...B-O-R-E-D!!

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