Monday, May 21, 2007

im back again =) last talk abt wat i did in the weekend starting frm fri, 18may`07...fri got a lil jam along the highway when on our way home..reached home already 7+pm le..den reach home le den i go pompom 1st lo..pom hao le den go downstairs eat dinner..share wif mama a plate of dry horfun...den they 2 went ahpek house and i went back home..packed my bag for going to dear's house..the clothes all tat..finish packing den watch tv lo..cuz dear say earliest he will finish his raid at 10pm so i watch my 9pm show lo..den watch till 9.30pm stupid boi msged me ask me go his house fast cuz going to go town veri soon i gotta rush out take bus over lo..when wan draw money tat time he msged again say they going off liaoz..den i walk even faster lo..reached his house his bro juz stepped out..den i reach his room den took out my make up kit put on make up..veri fast i put hao le den we go over to kh house lo..den he drove us all to cine for slacking wif their wow gfs =x they have their supper i guess...cant be dinner =x cuz is 11+pm liaoz..haha..den till 12am like tat got chased out of the "food court" den we head to NYCD at heeren there...slack till 1+am like tat den we go home le lo...reached home den bath den slp liaoz cuz we are all tired =) and dear gotta work on sat and me gonna colour and cut my hair ^^

sat morning dear wake up veri earli i guess..dunno wat time oso =x onli noe he went back to slp at 10am like tat till 11am wake up den go prepare for work...den me oso prepare go out meet mama le lo..actuali wan meet her for lunch de..shui zhi dao she late -.- den we gotta go er shen house le lo..cuz appointment 1pm..reached her house onli 12.45pm nia =x so wait there wif the lil girl girl..hehe..den i do my hair 1st cuz im rushing to meet mr ng later aft her work..but in the end still cannot make it cuz my cut + color + treatment..veri dear go her grandma house wif his parents lo..den i wait for mama finish den go home wif mama lo..den he called and tell me latest 7pm muz reach his i watch tv at home lo "wang zi bian qing wa" wan in channel U..den how i noe again he reached home at 6.40pm called me chu wo go his house again -.- i hate last min thingy man...make me angry =\ reached his house den i gotta faster change and make up again lo -.- so rush...den hao le went to meet at kh house downstiars again lo..den he drove us all to lw house..went to old changi road there for dinner..was talking abt alot of racist jokes..was lauffing my ass off tat nite..LOLx den aft tat we went to cine for out KBox session le lo..met dear bro at there..den we went up..saw the "grasshopper" de aft concert qing gong yan oso at there in the function room oso..but no go see them la =) was in the room singing..dear bro sing alot man =x we sang songs like "calcutta", "bailamos", "she bangs", "mr vain"....sing till like crazy de...hahaha...sing till 2am like tat den we go off le lo..cuz mr ng is tired..reached home already 3am liaox...faster bath le den go on bed liaoz..super tired..

took while waiting for kh at his blok downstairs

wearing his guess jacket given by his aunt

den sun which is ytd..i slp till 4.30pm den dear join me slp oso lo..cuz he wake up in the morning to play his game as usual..den slp till 5.30pm den i wake up go bath and prepare myself to go chalet wif yue..den wake tat piggy up to bath den go eat dinner together wif him...den aft tat he send me go take bus to meet yue den he go home prepare himself for his raid le lo..went to xiaohui's bday chalet wif yue..den at there saw a few sec sch frens den talk a lil lo..wif tat E.T haha..den aft the cake session den me and yue go home le lo..tat was 10+pm reaching 11pm liaoz..den reached dear house already 11.20pm liaoz..miss the front part of "ying cha yang chuo" which start at 11pm..den watch till commercial break den i go pompom come out continue lo..ytd dear veri good oh..pei wo watch the show till it ends =) arbo he sure slp half way de..PIG!! when i was almost aslp..the bone at my eyebrow there is farking if wan crack open like tat..dunno wat happened oso..was reali in pain till i cried lo..actuali wan call dear up de but he slping till so soundly so i juz try to go back slp lo..but i qing qing touch the bone the pain was like...undescripable...omg but in the end i still manage to get slp..and now im feeling okie le..mayb the pain is there due to my flu ba..cuz there's conection between them..

den today wake up as usual for work..was raining when i was in the train..tat was lucky =) today reach work place was late..cuz the road was jammed and the stupid uncle which was suppose to sent us frm dp to dc de nv wait for us den we have to take cab to dc lo..den reach here edit some of the things i did last week den now do nth le lo..sianz..this coming sun gonna go celebrate ms pangpang de bday liao..haha..still dunno how to celebrate yet..mayb there will be macho man wif us oh!! LOL tat is yue's wish - to have a macho like vaness for her ... hahahahahahaha...hao qi dai oh!!

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