Thursday, May 24, 2007

okie as usual im bored -.- work nth do i prefer staying at home sia >.< can slp but everytime slp wake up le hands and legs are numb -.- ytd was at home for dinner den aft dinner i make my nails nice nice ^^ paint and make nice pattern on it =) den when drying nails was watching tv...channel8 the vampire show and youtube hana so cute ella and wu jun ^^v den finish vampire show i oso finish 1 ep of hana kimi den my hands and legs nails oso dry le..wait for dear call me den talk for 10mins like tat den we went to bed le lo =) gotta noe how to celebrate yue's bday last nite..gotta go look for money spend liaoz cuz my bank not enough =( money money money...haiz..elf is going to fly to vietnam today..too bad we all cant go sent her =| she gonna be going for when she's back den we go jie her ba ^^ later gonna msged her telling her yi lu shun feng =) gotta noe tat min gonna fly on july for her 3yrs study perth..hope she can chose a day which we al can make it..cuz i haven end my attachment and the working hours is so sucks cuz i reach tamp already 7pm le =( nvm we shall see thurs le..tml fri liaoz..aft tat can go meet him le ^^ im so missing him leh..dunno why =( sobsob

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