Monday, May 28, 2007

im so sad now =( i lost my wallet last nite..dunno where ihave drop it at ='( i remember last time i see my wallet was at the 7-11 at novena..i went to buy the two bottles of mineral water den i was out to go look for them le cuz they keep hurry i tot cab come le -.- but if not wrong i remembered putting the wallet into my bag leh..cuz the two bottles of mineral water was quite heavy..den was running towards them..den bur and wen hop on to the cab den left me, yue and min..den when in cab i confirm i nv touch my bad for anything onli my hp..den aft drop of the cab i drop my phone on the road so i picked up den we went to the mama shop for titbits..but i oso nv bring out my wallet leh cuz i onli left wif $2 inside so yue pay for it lo..den we went toilet den go the room le lo..but in the room i onli took out my jacket to wear and the titbits tat we bought frm my bag..dun remember if my wallet got drop out not when i bring out my wallet..hopefully my wallet is at teo heng..i beg to god at least someone could briing it to my house or report to police if is found else where =( in my wallet got my i/c leh..wif my ugly photo in it =( and somemore got my NETS and debit card and mama de nail palace card which is ex lo..dunno lost le will cancel not =( reali so moody now man ='(

last nite we went out to celebrate yue de 19th bday..1st we meet at 3.15pm like tat at small mac there..den meet bur at city hall den we went to cine for neo print session den we set off to the korean restaurant for our dinner..took quite alot of pics there..will upload when the photo's are loaded to my com when min come..den aft tat we went to walk awhile lo me, yu and bur den min and wen go buy th "bday cake" den aft tat we took cab to teo heng le lo..den sing till like crazy my voice almost break =x den 12am the ice cream (bday cake) was out den took some pics quik cuz the ice cream is melting..couldn't finish it all...den sing till 1am like tat den we go off le lo..sit outside the shopping center the stairs there to take out grp photo..den go back home le lo..den slp at 2am aft bath and removing make-up all tat..den today morning wake up den i notice my wallet was lost =(

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