Tuesday, June 19, 2007

okie i have been slping the whole morning..last nite i think i haven been slping at all =( cuz i have been hearing rNb the whole nite~ yawnz...today couldnt wake up for work..cuz i off my alarm when it rings at 5.30am =( eyes have been so notti since morning..cant let me finish my work and haven been slping on the desk =( make my hands so numb..so gao way..

anyway..last nite was at dear house..aft work went back home to bath and change den watch finish the "Yuan Dian" den took the ba changs go dear house..ate 1 at my house le so go dear house eat another 1 more lo..den help him wash the plate till i wan die liao..cuz is died up as he microwave the 2nd ba chang and the 1st one he eat de all kanna heat till dried up >.< wash finish he say got snacks for me to eat..he bought chocolate biscuit =.= i think i onli eat 2or 3 pieces onli.haha dun reali like the biscuit..dunno why =x den help him do face mask..den watch tv lo..den veri sian den i help him play AV den he sit beside me "run~" "S-1" "S-5 zhua all the way" "see execute zhua 3" dots~ anyway den aft awhile i go watch tv le..the 9pm show..den help him remove his mask..saw so mani "heads" on the mask...so nice..lolx..den at 10+pm yue called..said conference den i remembered, den msged becca, min, wen and wendy..den bur called den min..wen was on her way home..den aft tat wendy said called her cuz her hp chor..but in the end she called using her bf house phone..but too bad is full le =x the conference got daryl oso..so she cannot come in =x but aft awhile yue put down phone le cuz she wan slp she's having flu =( poor her..her voice is reali so sicky..better recover ar~ i give u one day to do tat....wahahhahaha..den aft tat msg wendy ask her call in lo..den we talk den she keep "dc" >.< den plan hao le..wed nite aft my work i go pasir ris find them..den change le den go eat..den go MOS club..wif the guys..ys, cs, ronald, daryl...dunno all of them got go not la..haven confirm yet..den thurs we going escape for great fun..den at nite having bbq session..yipeee..hope its a wonderful chalet for us..as its the last one tat min gonna be ard ='( den play till fri check out..wendy going off early for photo shooting..den we see how lo..later going home wan pack bag liaoz den pass to yue..my bag, water bomb and my 1.5liter ruby vodka...later mayb going to buy my 6110 le leh~!! hehehehe..so happy! finally can change phone liaoz..this 7610 is so jamming de lo =.= anyway..gonna start doing my work liaoz..arbo cannot hand in by today =x BB~

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