Monday, June 18, 2007

weekend have week fast monday liaoz..weekend pass so fast =( friday went to the training was so fun ^^ went to warehouse taking photos and doing assignment..finish training onli 4.30pm so was slacking ard in the training room den aft tat go penang room to wait for 5.45pm den go take bus..den he called me when i was trying to call him..he juz woke up and juz eaten lunch was taking to him awhile den he put down the phone liaoz..reach home already 7.25pm liaoz cuz i went to buy vcd to watch..bought2 NC16 show and one M18 de..den go home wait for bur come pass me the survey for ahdi to do..den reach home watch "yuan dian" den go bath den pack bag go find him le lo..and when im on bus reaching his house den i remembered i 4get to bring my wallet out..omg~ im super clumsy..called him tell him tat i no bring wallet as was suppose to help him buy ciggy but no bring wallet how to buy? =( anyway he said nvm juz go his juz walk to his house lo..den reach his door onli he open the door for me..den wait for awhile den go out buy food eat lo..den we happily buy hao le den walk home den remembered he nv buy his ciggy darling..den he at there keep scold ccb ccb..make me so dulan..i was helping him to wash the dished tat he ate during lunch wash cannot eat ma den i wash lo..den he say he go buy ciggy den how i noe he suddenly come back oso no say i tot who come back i go up check he say "cb lift xiao qiang" -.- i ignore him den carry on wif my washing..den wash hao le i go up take $10 frm his wallet den go buy the cig lo...make me so pek chek..reach the lift indeed got xiao qiang..den i open the lift press 1 den i go out again wait for other lift..den walk till half way den i remember i no bring ic better the aunty dun check my ic arbo i will go crazy~ but in the end lucky she no check..den i walk back home lo..den his parents came home liaoz..den he make the instant food tat we bought frm 7-11 den we eat lo..den i tell him the xiao qiang in the lift den he say how i take lift den i tell him i press 1 for the xiao qiang lift den take the other lift..i told him i was clever =) den finish the food went to watch vcd le till 2nd disc den heard someone frm outside..tot is his bro why so early come home..den saw mlo, kh, lw and fion..they came to play mahjong -.- den we bring our disc go up watch lo..but reach on top he help his fren kill boss..argh~ let me wait so long..den finally he watch..less den 15min onli i guess for the last finish he say he wanna smoke make me so angry..cuz b4 we watch the vcd he say last cig for the day in the end one more..cuz it's 12.20am next day le..den i angry le lo..cuz he wanna do this..smoke finish he still go play mahjong wif them make me even angry..nvm i off all the lights in the room den was lying on bed..den lie till pek chek go down take the oreo corn flakes to eat..den he came up le lo aft i finish tv awhile den go slp liaoz..

sat noon time wake up at 2pm like tat..den he play his game still..den ard evening time went to orchard wif his bro and oni drove us there..b4 go town we went to chinatown den to marina sq to meet angel and faeya..went to thai express for dinner den me and dear went shopping for my top..bought a brown long slevee top at FOX for $29 he paid cuz i no bring wallet..den aft tat meet the rest at toilet for smokng break..den saw oni bought the penguin tap water thingy for angel..haha so cute..den aft smokeing we went to town lo..den the rain was so heavy when we reach town..parked the car at cine den was going to lvl8 for the end the queue was long de lo..10+ppl in he queue den we make our way to fusion pool at bugis den kh and lw meet us there..den suddenly budd called say wanna go drink -.- last min cal again..i didnt go in the end cux was wif dear and his frens ma..den i played the last round wif faeya..actuali i win de..but last black ball i juz seems cant to shot in..den she win lo..den aft tat we pay le den we go sent angel home at bishan den go katong de hk cafe for the cafe heard dear and lw say alot of their ah beng funni and beng~ hahaha...den didnt take note of the time den veri fast is 3+am liaoz..den we pay le den go home lo..all take lw car faeya take oni car..reach home bath le den we go slp le lo..

sun wake up at 1.30pm den go have lunch wif cha cai fan..den aft eat finish we watch tv awhile den fall aslp liaoz..slp till 6+pm den i wake up den we go QiJi for dinner den go home den he start his raid le lo..was suppose to help him do mask at 12+am which he said so..den end up leh he play till 1+am make me angry den i was watching the show till i cried den i think of my ahma den i cried even more till i hardly breath =x den he come to bed at 1.20am like tat ask me today wan go his house not..i ask why he say do facial i say dun wan lo..cuz i think if today i go he will still be playing his game..aiya~ dunno la make me so angry last nite..den i cried and cried den he come hug me slp lo..den all my tears were on his shoulder =x den i fall aslp soon..but hor~ he still slp earlier den me..his snoring..........nvm..

so boring now...doing training manual again..nth else..everyday same thing..haiz should i go to his house today help him do facial?? still thinking..he's not online now..dunno why? hope my pay is in my bank now =)

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