Monday, April 21, 2008

im back~ sat didnt go out at nite..was staying at home aft dinner wif ivy, cong and they were all tired and jie and the rest were watching movie Forbidden Kingdom...this is the 1st in so mani weekends im staying at home to slp on a sat =x LOLx!!

sun woke up at 10am bath and make my way to theMAKEOVERinc for my make over :D reach there was late le..jie already putting on make up le...den i change into my outfit den i put on my make up (: den went in to took the photos 1st ^^ was stiff la...cuz1st time ma :p hehehe...den next was jie and her family turn...jean was the veri notti one cannot sit still for juz a few mins...zzz...overall the photo taking for their family was done veri quickly..den ahjie's turn...hehe..den jiefu was standing at the corner keep laughing at her lo..LOLx...den make a few poses den we took the sisters shoot ^^v nice nice!! hehe..overall i spent alot la =x $100+ as i wanna take the pics home...jie spent over $200+ as she got her family and herself pics...i help her swipe using my clear card lo..hit my limit liao =x will be collecting the photos on 8 May ^^v den overall the make over ends at reaching 3pm...den jiefu drove us back to their house and he went RT..den jie and me stay at home eat a pack of kim chi maggie mee =x den we let the noodle digest le den went to bed..but dun think we got slp at all la...keep kanna disturb wake up..den veri fast 7+pm liao...den we woke up to bath and have our dinner den went to buy cake den headed to bing's chalet...we gurls were having so much fun in the chalet taking lots and lots of pics!! hahaha...will upload them when i get them :D last nite went back home at 1+am and K.Oed! hahahaha....

these are part of the pics we took :D

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