Tuesday, May 27, 2008

i wanna buy SE W910i (: mayb later can buy le wor =x wahahahahha...later will be celebrating yue de 20th bday at bedok 85* ^^v

haven been doing anything since morning...breakfast ate lor mai kai wif peach tea...auntie chloe went down to da bao breakfast so asked her to help me buy minute maid limeade (: lunch time ate cup noodles (korean ramen) hehehehe...den aft lunch im doing nth till now!! juz went to ICA web to dl documents to either extend my expired passport or to make a new biometric passport :D getting excited of my july trip!! yipeeee~ hehehehe...the sudden decision of going as i wanna go relax myself!! go enjoy the country breeze =x wahahahaha...time for some enjoyment (: hope i dun get broke xD

last nite went home aft work...reached home 7pm had my wonderful dinner prepared by mr wang my lao dou =x pork chop wif lettuce and rice :D healthy uh~ was talking to xiao mei abt sat de outing organised by me!! dragonfly!! table booked!! ppl called!! will be waiting for the day onli xD hehehehe...juz wish the person i invite will go ba (: long long jio u once go drink onli u better turn up hor! =x hahahaha...anyway at 9+pm headed down to 445 and cong, ivy, lin and ken already reached! so fast ^^ den at there slack till 10.40pm like tat fast rush over to somebody's house hehehehe...talk-ed till 12+am (i think o.O?) den K.Oed??~ =x sorry la disturb ur slp xD when did u become a light slper? =x hahaha...seems like a veri long time haven been having a good nice and long talk to u le uh...i haven finish chatting wif u onli u chase me to slp =x hahahaha~

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