Thursday, May 15, 2008

last nite playing cabal with eugene till 4.30am -.- he came over to my house to play using my desktop and i use my company laptop to play lo :D lvling was fun ^^v now lvl 9 liao..hehehe...aft kor went home den i go bed K.Oed le xD

got woke up by alot of calls frm von and tiff =x hehehehe...asking me to go grad ceremony (: so got up frm bed at 10.15am and prepared myself to go sch...reach sch met ivan and mao at entrance den went up to auditorium to look for the the gurls and their bfs, all attached le i feel so lonely sobsob...took our cert and took a few pics wif the rest of the classmates, went to cafe 1 to wait for orange and two by two went off le...did talk to ah tan for awhile...haven been talking to her ever since we grad frm she give birth to a baby boi le...time to visit her someday wif my gang =x hahahaha...anyway 1+pm orange came down le..we took a few pics and off we went home le...reached home den pei mama go out for lunch at swensens reach home and slp cuz my wireless connection sucks!

woke up at 8pm and i get this sucky feeling...this sucks!! i hate this...argh!! i feel lonelyness! hate being alone! i wan get my license, get a car! go out whenever i am feeling down...things juz dun get in my way...sometimes im thinking should i leave and walk away? or should i stay? im confused! im lost!! heelp meeee!! yeeeeemooooo~

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