Saturday, August 30, 2008

homesweethome! damn tiring and rushing for time today..1st time working at lower terrace so abit 手忙脚乱 =x and indeed i kanna another blueblack at my knee!! F**K!! now i got 3 blue black -.- 2 at right leg, another 1 at left foot...zzzz....damnit!

was raining in the evening time and weather finally turn cooler abit..if not is damn hot lo!! argh~ finish work at 6pm juz nice...went up change and gotta wait for time for me to bath lo! dots de...heng we managed to catch the bus out..if not gotta take yellow line le...

took a train back home and i paid for my clear card case i 4get and gotta charge for the late fees...dun have the money to pay all at a time..cuz i max my card liao!! =x LOL! next bill will be my hp bill xD

it's sat today! and it seems like juz another weekday for me...getting so tired now...gonna slp soon le...tml working 7am-6pm again...another busy day~ next off day will be coming wed! working 7days b4 i can get another off day...PATHERTIC AR!!

planning for 4Bia with ivy now* (timing buay gam leh...neh neh)

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