Monday, April 11, 2011

BBQ Weekend~

Im back to blog! no pics taken thru the weekend -.-

saturday,hubb went to work as usual at 8am,i went back slp and woke up every 2-3 hrs for the toilet...getting real annoying!1+pm,finally im fully awake~ went to have bath,ate cakes&bread and head down to yalin hse by bus~

walking to her hse frm bus stop is a torture tat day!not abt the heat of sun,but is my bladder torture!keep telling baby let me reach yalin-yiyi hse fast b4 i pee in my pants!i totally hate tat feel!argh!!reach lin hse,chiong toilet straight!!LOL!

waited for both of them to bath and we head down to have our hairwash&haircut..den waited for kerlynn to come and we head down to shengshiong at 700+ to buy the rest of the seafoods&foods...

super heavy rain almost spoilt our mood..but ti-gong dote us!rain stops when we were going out to my hse to pick up the beehoon,curry&marinated chix wings!hehehe!!! and off to the bbq pit!!soon one grp one grp came~ and we were happily chitchating and bbq-ing..damn shiok! ard 1.30am,started to drizzle abit,so we had to pack up and leave the jiefu&jie fetch us back home and we were home at 2+am!wonderful bbq session~

ytd,woke up at 10+am?went toilet&back to bed...toss&turn&fake slping..hahaha...finally 11+woke up,watched teebee&had our lunch...watched 麻婆斗妇 4 episode and went to change bedsheet~ had a bath and had dinner....cut apple&orange and watched Babylon AD and 10+pm went to slp...

today is babybunny's 30th week! therefore, counting down another 10weeks aka 70days or lesser to see my babyboy!! getting more EXCITED!! i love you my darlingboy! gonna visit dr loke next monday!gonna see how's baby's progression!i wish your heartbeat is back to normal my boy! muacks!!

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