Sunday, August 28, 2011

shall come here do some posting~ currently my lil boi is 2 months reaching 3 months. sooner less den 1 month im going back to work! im so afraid of leaving babyboi at home with mil. seriously i wish i can jus stay home and not go to work. she cant burp properly! always saying chun lun (stretch) = burp. tell her so many times le she jus dunno how to listen. always have her own methods! now is 2011, not 1911!! now she dun even change his diapers or bathe him. once when bb poo-ed, and she jus had her bathe, she says "叫妈咪帮你换pampers阿妈刚冲好凉" den throw him back to me. seriously lor..aft bathe cannot change meh? not tat i wanna say her or like u see wat she's doing la! carry J den keep hold him so tied telling him to sit properly cannot move abt. den aft tat tell me he cannot sit for too man? 讲一套,做一套! she do can i do cannot la? and everytime like to carry him away frm me. carry him into her room..when baby J slping shiokly on his rocker chair, she jus carry him into her room den say 阿公讲睡床比较舒服. everything oso 阿公讲! 阿公讲! ehh...hello he's my son leh! pls leh....! auto abit can not!

by the time im going to work, J will be turning 4 mths. he can start eating semi solid food...tats the worst time i gonna have. cuz i dunno how im going to make food for him to eat while im working. and i jus so scared she's going to anyhow feed how how?!?! wat can i do? i wanna fully take care of him like a SAHM! but...i needa work for income too! why my hubb dun earn much more? haix ): why i dun have savings at all?! why why why?!?!?! *cries!*

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